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In the Heart of the Sea

Today is the anniversary of a remarkable event in nautical history. The whaleship Essex, stove and sunk by a whale: the victim/leviathan fought back. The ultimate text on this tale was written by Nathaniel Philbrick, entitled “In the Heart of the Sea: the Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex.

One of my absolute favorite books, it has it all: exploration, whales, castaways, survival, cannibalism. It supposedly inspired Melville, and you know I love me some Melville.

Read the Philbrick book. You won’t be sorry!

2 comments on “In the Heart of the Sea

  1. Barbara Backer-Gray
    November 20, 2012

    I will, then. I see it often at the half price bookstore, when I’m looking for raft books (which I collect), but I suppose I could make a detour onto a life boat.

  2. kentiki
    November 20, 2012

    Raft books! That’s a fascinating category I had never thought of. You’ll like “In the Heart of the Sea;” it was a great read. Fact is truly stranger than fiction.

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