The Intractable Autodidact

You are your own best teacher


I’m Kenneth Setzer.

I have over fourteen years’ experience in higher education communication and marketing, including promotional publication design (print & electronic), photography, advertising, technical and marketing writing, and project management.

I earned my BA degree in theoretical linguistics from Queens College C.U.N.Y. and my MA degree, also in linguistics, from Florida International University. You know what they say about grad students is true: They don’t know enough to go home after the party’s over.

I’m published (writing as well as photography) in magazines and online on topics ranging from Adobe Photoshop “how-to” articles, travel writing, nature, and more casual topics like how to make the best Bloody Mary possible. My graphic design work has appeared in postcards, brochures, websites, and other ephemeral publications at the expense of the environment.

What would I do if I didn’t need to earn a living? Probably photograph bugs and other living things, and then write about it.

I’m also an avid woodcarver, illustrator, painter, jewelry maker, printmaker, etc. Not a great one, but enthusiastic nevertheless.


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